Slim Goodye is no stranger to Florida’s music scene. As CEO of Tru Story Music, he was introduced to the Orlando scene on a local mix tape hosted by DJ Greg G. Overwhelming feedback led to the release of Slim Goodye’s first mix tape entitled “The Young Mobsta”. The mixtape hit the streets and immediately created a buzz which led to many features and radio drops for the likes of DJ Nasty, DJ Khaled, DJ Prostyle and many others. 2005 brought anticipation for more, and Slim Goodye answered by releasing his second mix tape “Hustle and Flow” which featured nationally known artists such as Rick Ross, Fonsworth Bentley and Too Short. He was now proclaimed “The King of the O” which was the title of his third mix tape released in 2006. It didn’t take long for the word to spread from Orlando to Miami, which helped lead to DJ Khaled hosting Slim Goodye’s next mix tape “1000 Grams”. Every year since he has consistently released another mix tape, and has been featured in Ozone magazine, XXL, Flyer Promo and done many shows and appearances. He was nominated at the 2009 Ozone Awards for Mixtape of the year. His latest mix tape “Bird Flu” and his two singles “Lady Gaga” and “Chinese Food” have taken him from successful local artist and gained him national recognition by major record labels. Since then he has independently put out his EP entitled "A1 Goodye" with the street anthems "I Know You See Me", "Man in my City", "I'm Out Here" and "A1". All of which he has shot videos which were subsequently released. Slim Goodye's first radio single entitled "Can't Turn Down" ft. DJ Khaled is making a lot of noise on the airways. Slim Goodye is looking forward to his new label deal and putting Orlando on the map.